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Is Liebusting for me?

Liebusting is for you if you believe that you were made for oneness with others and with God but feel emotionally or spiritually blocked in any areas of your life.

Facebook Review

Penya De Pena
There are NOT enough STARS to truly rate Liebusters. Phenomenal!!! Out of this World!!! FREEDOM!!! How can a 'Hungry Person' rate having had a Oneness encounter with GOD the Father? In HIS presence we ARE Healed and made whole.  

How does Liebusting work?

Liebusting is a 60 minute spiritual conversation with God facilitated by a Liebuster Pro. It works by God identifying issues, dealing with their roots and bringing you wholeness, healing and freedom.

What's the outcome of a Liebust?

Freedom from fear, anxiety, depression, addictions, doubt, insecurity, loneliness, powelessness and oppression by negative spirits or energies. A deep sense of oneness with others and with God.

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